In addition to lots of experience using music and media technology in a practical way – composing, performing, recording, and working in studios – I have spent many years teaching formal classes of my own design in classroom situations. See the EDUCATION page for more details.

Classes are great, I love teaching them and think they’re a really effective way to learn. Private lessons offer some benefits that a class cannot however, mostly having to do with the one-on-one environment and the ability to focus the lessons on the specific needs of the student. I live in Santa Fe, NM, USA and offer in-person lessons here, but I also offer virtual lessons to students anywhere in the world using Skype or similar technology to create an environment where we can both see and hear your work at the same time.

To setup lessons, please contact me through the CONTACT page.

Some of the software I offer lessons in:
Ableton Live (all levels)
Protools (all levels – I am an Avid Certified Instructor for Protools)
Reason (intro to advanced)
Logic (intro)

Some topics we could cover:
• How the software works from the ground up – starting at the beginning
• Performance techniques and setup
• Composition and arrangement
• Mixing and mastering
• Instrument and device design
• Max for Live
• Controlling software devices with MIDI
• Linking software
• Hardware controllers, including Ableton Push.
• Sensors and motion controllers
• Composition and production critique

Contemporary Composition: Form and Process
This is a new thing I’m trying. I’ve always hesitated to offer composition lessons because I don’t like the idea of getting bogged down by rules, theory, and lesson structure while attempting to explore the creative process. These lessons are more about why than how. Understanding the process and intent (or lack thereof) behind your work, why you make the choices you do, what the work is, and what it may become. It involves a lot of talking and listening. The student is expected to be open to criticism, willing to experiment, and should be producing new work regularly.