The Ableton User Group in Santa Fe is a bunch of people who get together once a month to hang out and discuss all things Ableton. We’re a traditional user group in the sense that anyone can show anything or ask anything and we’re all about helping each other out. Want to get feedback on your latest track? Bring it. Need to know how to do something? Ask us. Looking for advice, or someone to collaborate with? Great reasons to show up. Mostly, we’re just going to get together and geek out, but since we’re an official Ableton User Group we may occasionally get a visitor from the Ableton universe.

If you’re interested in connecting with us, there are lots of ways to do it.
– Join us at our real-world meeting on the first Monday of every month at REMIX Audio Bar in Santa Fe, NM, USA.
– Follow us on Facebook at:
– Meet us on Meetup at:

Do you have an idea of something to do or do you have something you’d like to share or present? Fill out one of these forms to let us know:
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