I have taught at Santa Fe Community College since 2001 and Santa Fe University of Art and Design since 2013. At SFCC I designed all of the classes in the Audio Concentration and have spent a number of years growing it into a major component of the Media Arts program which can give a student the foundation to work towards many different career paths and artistic pursuits. At SFUAD I teach and design both Recording Technology and Music Technology classes and have had a primary influence on moving the Contemporary Music Program in a direction that is more inclusive towards all forms of music technology used in composition, recording, and performance. Below is a sample listing of a number of classes I have taught and designed. In addition to classes, I also teach lessons, with a focus on music and technology, and occasional workshops.

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Audio Production I

Students learn to use analog and digital audio hardware and software, including the Pro Tools recording and editing system. In addition, students study the fundamentals of acoustic science, recording techniques, and production. Each student produces an individual project for their Final.

Audio Production II (Mixing and Mastering)

Students take their skills to the next level with this class on mixing and mastering. First, students work through the many steps and techniques required to mix a track effectively, with an emphasis on mixing in a small or home studio environment. Then they jump into the deep end of the pool, exploring, experimenting, and coming to understand what it means to master audio. There are weekly assignments and it is expected that much time will be spent in the studio.

Sound for Film

Students learn post-production sound techniques used in the production of film including ADR, Music, Sound Effects, and Foley. Students participate in both recording and producing the sound for a scene, as well as in creating the content. This is a collaborative class, with all of the students working together in the studio to produce the necessary sound elements for one scene.

Audio Field Recording

Students learn to use digital and analog audio recording equipment to produce high-quality field recordings in diverse settings. The class is designed as a workshop, incorporating field trips, individualized support, group critiquing, and problem solving. It is a hands-on learning experience with the opportunity to practice soundscape, sound effect, sample collecting, and interview recording in the field in a number of different locations and situations.

Intro to Reason and Live

Students learn to use two pieces of music software, Propellerhead Reason and Ableton Live, for composition, recording, and performance. In addition to studying the software and producing finished pieces of music or sound, students study performance techniques and what it takes to put on a show. The final for the class is a performance the students design and produce, making them responsible for concept, content, performance, and promotion.

Recording Technology I and II

Students learn all aspects of working in a recording studio through hands-on experience. From room acoustics through patch bays and microphone techniques all the way to software, mixing, and mastering in the computer. Practical applications are emphasized and the instruction is intended to be relevant to projects that the students are working on.

Ableton Live Workshop

Students learn Ableton Live in depth with an emphasis on using the software for composition, performance, and art installation. The software is covered thoroughly and the secondary emphasis of the course is sound art, its history, and how current music software, Ableton Live and Max for Live in particular, contributes to the evolution of the practice.

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