It Works! It Works!

It never fails. No matter what you’re doing, there’s always that one thing. It’s the easy thing, the thing you don’t have to worry about. It’s the ingredient you’re so sure you have at home when you’re out at the store. It’s the person who’s always running a little late so you don’t have to be on time. In spite of all you’re so sure you know, the one thing all of these certainties have in common is that they aren’t certain at all and the more you’re sure you don’t have to worry about them, the more you should worry.

With Retrieving Humanity, our “sure thing” was the step in the process where we stream the desktops of the six kiosk computers to Ethan’s laptop so he can do a live VJ mix of them as part of the show. Sounds easy, right? If you want to see just how easy it was, read through Ethan’s notes of the step-by-step process he had to go through and all of the technology and methods he tested out before finding a solution. Not for the faint of heart, or those who get sleepy when reading non-fiction.


Thank God we got it working!!

Bug log from when I attempted to open in VLC.
main error: open of `http://10.1.10/….’ failed: (null)
main debug: thread ended
main debug: dead input
main debug: changing item without a request (current 2/3)
main debug: nothing to play
macosx debug: input has stopped, refreshing interface
main debug: TIMER input launching for ‘http://10.1.10/….’ : 10055.393 ms – Total 10055.393 ms / 1 intvls (Avg 10055.392 ms)


Tested wizard from file on harddrive and all…. Not working.

Tried advanced open > capture > eyesight
Settings stream http url: 10.1.10….
Encapsulating: raw
Video encoder: h264
Attempted with Juli’s computer, not working.

VLC running the isight and supposedly running the stream is heavy on the processor. Keeps slowing. Not much else open.

Attempted a UDP stream to no avail.

RAW saved as a raw file, only open with photoshop and looks like static although it was suppose to be capturing my desktop.

Able to save to file.
Transcode to file > existing play item > qtcapture(isight)
Transcode video: mpg- 2 video
Bitrate 1024
Encapsulate method: mpeg ps

Attempted same input settings to a http stream with no luck.

Tried sending to http with a partial extract enabled ( 1 to 5000) error error error

Attempt to capture the screen and it worked. Capture will only work, however when you name the file. Must go to choose each time on the export to get to naming.

What about using Apple Remote Desktop??? Cant has to be in a browser….

Try to assign a static IP then stream.
Safari can’t open the page “http://192.168…./” because Safari can’t connect to the server “192.168….”
Even states this when trying on my own computer, so there is just some sort of disconnect.

Change proxy server settings in systems settings > server
Nothing, reset

Getting a file downloading. With :8080, error message (above) with :1234

Turned blue tooth sharing on.

Still getting the cant connect to server error.

VLC Forums

tried ogg and did not work.

“Looking at the VLC docs, mux=mp4 and access=http is not a valid combination”
-this is not my problem. I think its with the “server”. I need to open port 80.

I took off as much of firewall from the router as I could find. Then I get this “The requested URL /1234 was not found on this server.” (or 8080)
Disabled all the firewall stuff I changed and am getting same error as this one.


I get the same error when doing a manual QT broadcast through my IP.
Safari can’t open the page “http://192.168…./” because Safari can’t connect to the server “192.168….”.
Can’t do desktop (screen) streaming from broadcaster (not that I have found)
“Don’t use IPChicken or Whatismyip or a STUN server to get your IP address for this. This method depends on your Local Network IP address, which is somewhat different from the public IP address used for the Internet.”

“If you are streaming over the internet you should use IPChicken or Whatismyip or a STUN server to get your IP address for this. This method does not depend on your Local(private) Network IP address, which is somewhat different from the public IP address used for the Internet.”

If I checkout then I get another IP address, not the one I find in System preferences. Says my IP address is: 67.164….
You can also do port testing on this site.
Port 80 timed out.

Port http 80 open, but still not able to put up a live stream.
ftp 21 open, not opening.

While sharing the same code base as QuickTime Streaming Server, Darwin Streaming Server is an open source project intended for developers who need to stream QuickTime and MPEG-4 media on alternative platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Solaris, or those developers who need to extend and/or modify the existing streaming server code to fit their needs.


SSL is not available on this computer. Please make sure that the Net::SSLeay perl module, OpenSSL, and a signed SSL certificate are installed.

this requires several things in order to install…
This feature requires that you have a valid streaming server SSL certificate installed.
OpenSSL requires
Required software:

- StuffIt Expander 5.5 or later, alternatively MacGzip and SUNtar;
- Scriptable Finder;
- CodeWarrior Pro 5;

Pain in the ass to install.
Forget that for now

Go to http://127.0.0/… in browser. Enable video broadcasting and click start broadcast. When I go to view broadcast Safaria crashes.
“404 not found.”
Not sure how to use this. How does it know what to broadcast?
Able to get audio from what I am doing now. There is a slight delay (10 seconds or so).

Open QT broadcaster. Needs to be on transmission: automatic
Precondition failed 412

Well, this is only going to work with QT Braodcaster anyways, and it does not allow for screen streaming. Forget it.

About to forget this and move onto the broadcast MX/MSP

To get in just type IP address of server in browser window.
Netgear access

Set up correctly with the correct IP and all. Should be able to open my own stream, but getting a general error in Realplayer
Try to open in QT and it states the live broadcast is paused.

Opened port 8554 still paused

Perhaps there is an interferance from an application. Jason and I both have Flock, so I delete flock.
We are having the same problems and we were able to use broadcast before….
No difference

media hive is a cross-platform (works in OS X, Windows and Linux) streaming media management project. With it, you can access your media collection from any web browser, and play your media from anywhere you have Internet access. This tutorial will guide you in setting up and using media hive.
I install mediahive, but not sure it is what I am looking for, but it will be a good test.

Max/MSO jit.qt.broadband works in QT on my computer.
It saves a file, the I open that file. The streaming quality is crap.

Able to drop the untitled.sdp file into Juli’s dropbox and play in QT.
VLC does not play this file.
Relplayer will not open file.
No iTunes
Only QT

VidVox almost pays it. It’s a little crazy looking. AND IS NOT WORKING AGAIN. All I see if the Q.

And it is still!! Then goes back to the Q.
This does not work.

Upload to via worked just fine. Tested stream –looked fine.

??? TRYING TO VLC (udp) to http

<head><title>Demo of VLC mozilla plugin</title></head>

Demo of VLC mozilla plugin – Example 2

<embed type=”application/x-vlc-plugin”

autoplay=”no” loop=”no” hidden=”yes”
target=”rtp://@″ />

Play video2
Stop video2



Back to QT broadcast because although CamTwist may work to connect to my desktop, it uses another software to stream.

All my ports are timing out on the security testing. 80, 43, and ? should be open according to my settings on the router.

Used these directions:

QT Broadcast in Network choose stream manual unicast
Put the IP address that your going to stream to.

Automated Unicast works with a few seconds delayed action. Image is very pixilated and does not like movement.
(that maybe part of the effect? Use it as an effect anyway.)
My processing is maxed out, that maybe the reason its not working. broadcast works to broadcast my webcam to the internet.
Don’t forget to make sure the ports are open
(tonight getting timed out, but doesn’t seem to matter)
open ports on router by using server IP in browser.
Open these:

Is there a way to do a local network QT broadcast that steams in a browser window?

Must have video settings cranked up to get a decent image.
600 x 480
best quality
fps 50
keyframe 60
limit datarae 4000
-that looks really good.

Review of what works.
To Stream
1 – Open Cam Twist
2 – Open Preferences > General and change to 30fps
3 – Put it on desktop setting and click select.
4 – Open QT Broadcaster (see video above for directions)
Make video setting source CamTwist
And info as above.
The click broadcast.

To Watch
1 – open stream in QT
2 – save stream as reference movie (under save as)
3 – put the saved movie in the same directory as an html file with this code (in this case the movie is titled ‘’ :

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “”>
<html xmlns=””>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=UTF-8″ />
<title>Untitled Document</title>

<div align=”center”>
<!– begin embedded QuickTime file… –>
<OBJECT classid=’clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B’ width=”800″
height=”600″ codebase=’’>
<param name=’src’ value=””>
<param name=’autoplay’ value=”true”>
<param name=’controller’ value=”false”>
<param name=’loop’ value=”true”>
<EMBED src=”” width=”800″ height=”600″ autoplay=”true”
controller=”false” loop=”true” pluginspage=’’>



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