About Parallel Flux

Parallel Flux creates immersive art installations through the use of cutting-edge technology including custom-made software, motion sensors, media streaming, computer networking, installation design elements, and DJ and VJ software. Parallel Flux pushes the boundaries of art, technology, and communication and uses their projects as education opportunities for local students to learn about art and technology. Parallel Flux consists of Ethan Bach, Jason Goodyear, Peter Joseph, and Charles Veasey.

Founded by Ethan Bach and Jason Goodyear in 2009, Parallel Flux very quickly grew to include a number of talented and devoted individuals essential to the work that the group does.

Ethan Bach’s work is about taking journeys and opening one’s own mind. He strives to push the boundaries of visual art practices by integrating his documentary background with time-based interactive installations, single channel video, and new technology.

Currently Bach is working on two large projects; Transreel and Retrieving Humanity. Transreel (www.transreel.com) is the first and only online streaming distribution and archiving website for transgender films. Retrieving Humanity is a first of its kind performance installation / video created by audience interaction with real-time live streaming video and audio from around the world.

Ethan Bach holds an MFA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Electronic Arts (2008) and a BA from the Evergreen State College in Media Production (1996). His work has shown internationally including New York, Washington, California, New Mexico, Spain, France, Belgium, and Portugal.  He resides in Santa Fe, NM.

Jason Goodyear is a media composer, musician, sound artist and educator who works with new music and communication technologies in both real and virtual exhibition and performance venues.

He is passionate and proud of his work as an educator. He regularly teaches classes that cover topics such as Filmsound, Audio Production, Software-Based Live Performance, and Field Recording. He currently teaches at the Santa Fe Community College.

Goodyear holds a degree in Anthropology and this study, particularly the practice of ethnographic interviewing, informs his work. By combining this scholarship with his extensive backgrounds in composition and field recording, his pieces often reflect a sense of sonic collaboration and artful combination. His work as a composer, performer and sound artist has been heard in festivals, film, internet, and distributed worldwide. He resides in Santa Fe, NM.

Peter Joseph, artist, designer, and educator, received his BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and certificate in aesthetic education from the Lincoln Center Institute. His work has exhibited internationally including the Sharjah International Bienalle-Dubai,UAE, Land-Kunst- Lieben, Berlin, The Brandenburgische Kunstagge, Potsdam, Partie 7-Berlin.

Joseph’s most recent sound work accompanied the Greening the Heartland Conference in Chicago, aired on Resonance Radio 104.4Vermillian Sounds in London, and was presented at Millenium Park, Chicago, IL.

He has exhibited nationally at Sculpture Space-NY, Linda Durham Contemporary-Santa Fe, Center for Visual Arts- Denver, Hotel Triton-SanFrancisco, The Center for Contemporay Art- Santa Fe, and he is the recipient of two Andy Warhol Foundation residency grants.

An active art educator. Peter has taught at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The College of Santa Fe, The Santa Fe Community College, and has lectured at The Cleveland Institute of Art, and East Carolina University.

Previously as Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM, board member, he was implemental in the development of its curatorial committee. He resides in Santa Fe, NM.

Charles Veasey received a BS in Visual Communications Technology and Audio Recording Technology at Bowling Green State University in 2006. He received an MFA in Integrated Electronic Arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2008. He has worked for Harvestworks, Pauline Oliveros, New Media and Emerging Technologies, and many others researching new media, art, technology, and communication. He works as a composer, sound engineer, designer, programmer, researcher, and educator.

Artistically he works in electroacoustics, acoustics, and interactivity. His compositions place real and imagined sounds into the listener’s consciousness allowing one to perceive aural worlds of the past and present. They intend to reflect human thought and sonic reality, the perception of sound through time, and soundscape morphology. Through interactivity he redefines the human and computer experience by allowing the observer to create experiences of light, sound, and motion. His work serves as a reflection of perceptory awareness; it encourages meditations on the self (human), the environment (nature), and the future (technology).

He is a classical and folk guitarist and a practitioner of Pranayama and Deep Listening. He is a past member of the New York telepresence performance group: Tintinnabulate and a current member of the Santa Fe electronic performance group: Parallel Flux.