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Retrieving Humanity a Success

Retrieving Humanity was a great success. Thanks again to all of the wonderful artists who took part and thanks to the public who came and experienced the piece.

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Retrieving Humanity

Retrieving Humanity is a one of a kind interactive performance and installation that will bring live streaming video and audio from around the world to Santa Fe. This new concept of storytelling will allow the audience, by participation, to explore and express connections with their community and the world at large. Through the use of [...]

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The Participants

Meet out participants. They are fascinating people spread all over the world – Malaysia, Australia, South Korea, Chile, Nigeria, and Switzerland. Come interact with them in Santa Fe at 7 pm, July 30 at Santa Fe Complex and learn more. Ipoh, Malaysia – Kamal Sabran Brisbane, Australia – Rozina Suliman with LALITCS Seoul, South Korea [...]

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