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No need to wait to take that Audio Class at SFCC – classes are happening online! The Fall 2020 semester starts on August 24. These classes can fill up fast, so sign up today.

Audio Production 1
FDMA 1410 – CRN 21266

Tuesday // 2:30pm – 5:15pm
8/25/20 – 12/8/20
Class starts August 25
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Learn the basics of audio production. Get an understanding of the science of sound, acoustics and psychoacoustics, recording techniques, how to treat a room, and how to use Protools – the most popular recording software in professional music studios around the world and the choice of the film industry. An ideal class for musicians curious about recording, people with some experience who want to learn more, people in film who appreciate the importance of sound and want to get better at it, and anyone who wants to learn how to use Protools from an Avid Certified Instructor. Students will have access to the software for the semester. This is the first class to take if you want to get the Audio Certificate.

Intro to Reason and Live
FDMA 1390 – CRN 21266

Tuesday // 5:30pm – 8:15pm
8/25/20 – 12/8/20
Class starts August 25
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Learn how to use Ableton Live and Reason, two of the most popular and fun music software apps out there. They work great for writing, recording, and mixing, and they work even better when you’re performing live. Learn from an Ableton Certified Trainer and get access to the software for the semester. Connect with a group of people as passionate about music as you are. This is a great class for beginners and for people who want to take their skills to the next level.

Introduction to Sound Design for Film
FDMA 2510 – CRN 21035

Wednesday // 5:30pm – 8:45pm
8/26/20 – 12/9/20
Class starts August 26
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An introduction to the principles, techniques and applications of sound design and film scoring. Students learn how sound affects storytelling in a film, examine the role of sound from the script to screen and the professional process of creating a soundtrack. Students learn how to use sound equipment in a production environment and execute basic techniques used to develop a soundtrack.

Prerequisites are Audio Production 1 (FDMA 1410) and Intro to Digital Video Editing (FDMA 1220). If you have other experience that you believe would qualify you to take the class, call Jason Goodyear at 505.577.8036.

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