mediaslinger has been in business since 2001, offering computer and technology-related work and support for home, business, and the arts community. During this time I have also taught classes
 in MacOS, iOS, and music and audio technology at SFCC and SFUAD. While the list of services 
I can provide is long, I believe what truly sets me apart from other consultants is this educational background. When you need a problem solved I am happy to come in and quickly and efficiently get the job done; you have work to do and you shouldn’t need to fix your own computer problems. But have you ever wondered why a problem came up and how it got solved?

It’s been my experience that most people are happy to have their problems solved for them, but kind of frustrated if they don’t understand what happened. My background as a teacher makes me more inclined to listen, communicate, and help my clients understand when they need a consultant and when they might be able to help themselves. A little knowledge goes a long way.

Here is a list of just some of the services I can provide. If you have any questions or are wondering if there’s something else I could help you with, please reach out to me through the CONTACT page or give me a call at:


Macintosh Consulting
I will listen to you, assess your needs, and solve your problems quickly and effectively. System upgrades, software installation, file organization, photos, music, video, cloud backup, and much more. My technical skills and experience help me solve your problems for you and my background teaching technology for more than 18 years lets me efficiently define the problem and determine a path forward so that you can understand the issues and in many cases, learn how to effectively deal with them yourself.

iPhone / iPad / iOS Consulting
I can help you get all of your devices optimized and talking to each other. Syncing, iCloud, extending battery life, and lots of the tips and tricks that I share in my Intro to Your iPhone class.

Hardware and Software Consulting
I have the experience to advise you on the computer to get, the additional devices that will work for you, the best printer and router/modem, the right software, and I have the skills to set it all up and make it work. If you’re setting up new technology in your home or business or need some help de-bugging an existing setup, I can help you figure it out.

Music and Arts-related Hardware and Software System Design
If you need some help in putting together a project utilizing technology for a performance or installation, I can advise you on tools that can solve your problems or work with you to create a setup or interface that will make your art possible. For more details see the LESSONS page or CONTACT me to discuss your ideas.

Web Design
I have been doing web design since 2001 and have experience designing static, active, and responsive websites. I am familiar with a number of technologies including HTML5, Javascript, PHP, Flash, WordPress, streaming audio and video, and more. I can set up a site and/or blog for you with domain-based email and statistics monitoring, connect it to your social media presence, and even tutor you in how to update it yourself. See the links below for examples of some of my work.

Moritz Design – slideshows, categories, mobile-friendly, resume site

Phillis Ideal – slideshows, categories, mobile-friendly, resume site

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey – lots and lots of streaming media