mediaslinger has been in business since 2001, offering computer and technology-related service, support, and education for home, business, and the music, film, and arts communities. I have taught private lessons and classes
 in MacOS, iOS, and music and audio technology, both privately and at Santa Fe Community College and Santa Fe University of Art and Design. While the list of services 
I can provide is long, I believe what truly sets me apart from other consultants is this educational background.

Here is a list of just some of the services I can provide. If you have any questions or are wondering if there’s something else I could help you with, please reach out to me through the CONTACT form or give me a call at 505.577.8036

Music and Technology Courses and Private Lessons
I teach college-level courses in music and technology at SFCC and private lessons and workshops for more targeted learning. For details of my educational offerings or to sign up for a class or lessons, visit LESSONS or COURSES.

Streaming Setup and Configuration Guidance
There’s no one way to do this, everyone has to find what’s right for them. But whether you want to stream music online to multiple platforms or just want to look and sound better on Zoom, I can help you navigate the geeky confusion of it all.

Film Music and Sound
I can create a score for your film or video, design sound effects and soundscapes, clean up and edit dialog, and more. Visit to learn more.

Macintosh Consulting
I will listen to you, assess your needs, and solve your problems quickly and effectively. System upgrades, software installation, file organization, photos, music, video, cloud backup, iPhone, iPad, and much more. My technical skills and background allow me to solve your problems for you, and my experience teaching technology means I’m more inclined to listen and communicate so you can understand the issues and in many cases, learn how to effectively deal with them yourself.

Music and Arts-related Hardware and Software System Design
If you need some help in putting together a project utilizing technology for a real-world or live-streaming performance or installation, I can advise you on tools that can solve your problems or work with you to create a setup or interface that will make your art possible. For more details see the LESSONS page or CONTACT me to discuss your ideas.

Web Design
I have been doing web design since 2001 and have experience with a variety of front-end and back-end design approaches.